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Company Profile

是一家专业从事电气成套设备为主,在工业 Shanghai Zixi Electric Co., Ltd. is a professional electrical equipment

automatic 控制 领域从事工程设计,产品技术研发和自 动化产品销售等业 Engaged in the field of engineering control , engineering design, product technology research and development and automation product sales

并承接各类 工程项目 And undertake various engineering projects And electrical high-tech enterprises for project transformation.

按钮盒配电箱不锈钢机柜IP68电 The company mainly produces and sells: IP67 waterproof junction box , cast aluminum junction box , junction box , button box , power distribution box , stainless steel cabinet , IP68 electric

水接 按钮开关等众多工 控配套产品。 Cable waterproof connector , button switch and many other industrial control supporting products. With its profound grasp of market dynamics, the company relies on its fortitude and improvement

管理与经营, 服务于电子电气,通信, 消防设备,控制配电盘,船舶,石油化工,大型工厂,沿海工厂,码 Good management and operation, serving electronic and electrical, communications, fire fighting equipment, control switchboards, ships, petrochemicals, large factories, coastal factories, yards

水处理设施,环保设 备等众多行业。 Head, water treatment facilities, environmental protection equipment and many other industries.

The company's waterproof junction box has: dustproof , waterproof , acid resistance , alkali resistance , beautiful appearance , stable quality , good grounding function , completely insulated and non-conductive

不变形等特点。 , Anti- impact and deformation . Its accessories are complete and easy to install. 线 箱、 Firm and reliable, easy to disassemble, widely used in: control box, transfer box, cable box,

仪表 箱、按钮开关箱、电路板专用箱等,通过不断的改进工艺,为我们的OEM客户提供上等的 择。 Distribution box, meter box, button switch box, circuit board special box, etc., through continuous improvement of the process, to provide our OEM customers with the best choice .

We have a stable and highly qualified technical team that is good at learning and practice, so that the company is developing high technology and realizing industrialization.

续发展道路上始终保持着旺盛的生命力。 On the road of sustainable development, we have always maintained a strong vitality.

The company adhering to the purpose of "creating value for customers, creating platforms for employees, creating benefits for society" and the team spirit of "respect, trust, communication, and learning"

理理念,愿在真诚互信的基础上,与国内外合作者、员工一同成长,携手共创美好明天。 And management philosophy, on the basis of sincere and mutual trust, is willing to grow together with domestic and foreign partners, employees, and work together for a better tomorrow.

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